Public Nudity in Spain

Public Nudity in Spain

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One of the biggest surprises people have when moving to Spain, is the discovery that public nudity is legal and protected under your human rights in Spain.

By law, you are allowed to go nude in public in any state owned public area such as beaches, parks, forests, roads, rivers and squares. You are not allowed to parade naked in any privately owned areas without the owners permission; so don't wander naked into Mercadona, as you will not be welcomed.

Even having sex in public, or sporting an erection is legal, as long as there are no children or mentally impared people involved in or able to see the action.

If at any time you have any problems from practicing nudism in Spain do not hesitate to contact the Spanish Naturist Federation for help at:

E-mail: [email protected]
Teléfono: 659 945 637

If the police appear and infringe on your rights, this is what you should do:

  • The police can ask you to get dressed without that constituting any infraction. You can refuse without that constituting an infraction, either.
  • In the case of them asking you to get dressed you can refuse but do not shout, threaten or do anything similar.
  • In the safety of your home the police are off limits. If you are in a public area you are more vulnerable but still you are protected. by your rights.
  • In this case, when you refuse they can insist, you can ask them to identify themselves and they have the obligation to do so, if they do not identify themselves you can report them just for that.
  • Then you can indicate to them that you will not get dressed and that according to the legislation in force, nudity is one of your rights. Ask them on the basis of which legislation they are indicating that you get dressed. If they do not tell you, insist.
  • In the case of them insisting you can indicate to them that you will not get dressed and that if they want to, they can detain you. You have to be prepared to go through that, but each person needs to evaluate the situation.
  • If they opt to detain you: you must allow them to do so without resistance, and once in the police station demand that you are charged and given a copy of the charge sheet. They have the obligation to do so, so you must insist. If they refuse you can report them for that reason. If they give you the charge sheet, this can be used to report the agents who have arrested you, for illegal arrest.